Understanding people to drive performance

At Empathic Consulting, we believe empathy is the most important leadership capability for the future.

Daniel Murray
Empathy Expert, Business Consultant and Thought-Provoking Keynote Speaker

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Leadership is not management.

The technological tsunami is upon us and will quickly wipe out the spreadsheet trawling micro-managers.

We need leaders to connect, understand and integrate diverse teams. These leaders, empathic leaders, will shape the future of business.

Understand Emotions, Create Curiosity, Build Resourcefulness

Learn To Lead With Empathy leadership shape the future of business Daniel and Miranda Murray

The Path To Deeper Understanding

Humans are wired to live in villages of small homogeneous groups of people who look like me, smell like me and think like me. However, modern society couldn’t be further from this world.

Empathy is hard because our adult brains are not designed to do it, but embedding this capability has a measured impact on leading a high-performance team.


Understand the Rational & Emotional Drivers of Another

Develop The Tools For Empathy

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Sarah King

Manager of Change Culture and Capability for IAG Foundation

“Daniel is a master storyteller. He doesn’t just tell stories that draw the listener in, he knows how he does that, and has a real talent for teaching others how to do so by breaking it down and role modelling. I have experienced Daniel as a speaker at both internal and external events, in front of large and small groups. Each time, you could see people leaning in and wanting more, and each time, he was one of the highlights for everyone as a speaker. Daniel is generous in what he gives of himself as a speaker, and you walk away inspired to do more of the important work of the world.”

Darius Turner

Managing Director, Community Engagement Consulting Australia

“Daniel Murray is an extremely engaging and entertaining keynote speaker. Daniel spoke at a number of our conferences across Australia this year, and each time the audience really connected, laughed and learned from his many life experiences. Daniel’s message about empathy has really resonated with me and I think about it often.”

Pete Smith

CEO – Humanity in Business

“As the MC of an events company bringing together business leaders from around Australia, it’s important to get the right speakers in to build on the theme of the day. At a recent Change Leadership Event we ran, Daniel Murray spoke in the middle of the afternoon and picked the room up to take them on a brilliant story of empathy in leadership during times of change. I let Daniel know he’s welcome to speak anytime at our events”

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